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Otile Brown roasted after dissing Diamond Platnumz´ bedroom skills

May 29, 2020 at 13:21
Otile Brown roasted after dissing Diamond Platnumz´ bedroom skills

It is said: Don´t start a fight you can´t win and this is one statement that doesn´t seem to be making sense to Kenyan R&B artist, Otile Brown.

Born Jacob Obunga, Otile has brewed enmity between the Kenyan motherland and that of Tanzania after criticizing Diamond´s standards when it comes to his choice of women.

Diamond Platnumz is a father-figure associated with Ugandan Boss-lady Zari Hassan, Tanzanian damsel Hamisa Mobetto and Kenyan girl Tanasha Donna, at the least.

Diamond Platnumz

The diss

So, Otile is set to be releasing his album dubbed Just in Love come Wednesday, June 3, and in a bid to pull numbers his way, the light-skin lad decided to fire shots at Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

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Through his Insta stories, the Nabayet singer hit back at Naseeb´s approach in relationships, dissing him for always going after every lass that comes his way, regardless of the quality.

Kenyan singer, Otile Brown

Even though the Tanzanian crooner is popularly known as East Africa´s Simba, Otile believed Diamond was a lion that fed on grass due to scarcity of meat in the park.

It has been said time and again that: No matter the economy of the jungle, the lion can never eat grass. It´s not pride; it´s just who the lion is.

But Otile was here busy throwing shade at Platnumz for not having standards.

Bongo Flava star, Diamond Platnumz

In comparison, the Kenyan music sensation believed his love life was of way better quality than that of Simba.

Girls were apparently busy knocking on Otile´s door but because of his ´high´ standards and self-respect, he was just choosy about who he settles with.

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Unlike Platnumz who does the hit and run style.

Nakata madem wakali zaidi ya …. simba wenu mla nyasi menu hainaga nyama – sishoboki ata ngoma sikibuma

High-flying Kenyan artist, Otile Brown

Otile has so far dated Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika and Ethiopian babe, Nabayet.

One of his tracks is meant to feature Utawezana hitmaker and genge rapper, Mejja.

Well…let’s sit tight and watch it unfold.


The Kenyan artist was not spared by fans who believed he was stooping too low and clout-chasing through Diamond Platnumz´ fame.

Williams Papi Chulo Enyewe ni Kama MCA(diamond) kuargue na president (Otile) …lanes bro #teamotile
Shiko Lakkisha Martist Wakenya wanadiss diamond na maneno ya chuki while diamond is busy releasing hits
Halimashaban (Maua) He’s sick in the head
tileh_danceking_pacbro Why everyone in kenya tryna clout chase with Platnumz? Smh
shvades_elsa Lakini enyewe otile hajiheshimu🤣🤣🤣🤣anaezaje beef na diamond aaaah😂😂😂😂💔this funny though. Ni kama useme Mca kuargue na president
Jared Nyongesa Simba si league ya huyu mtoto
Ruel David Mbaru Diamond will never respond, hii ni kama kuwekea mtu status imchome kumbe ali ku mute😂😂😂
Darly Cruzy Otile watafuta kiki bado we mtoto wa juzi kutoka mikindani
Here´s a snippet of what to expect from Otile:




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