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Otile Brown shares new details about life after losing both his parents

June 17, 2020 at 14:55
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Otile Brown did not have it easy when growing up. This is because he lost his parents when he was still a young boy who was not mature enough to survive on his own.

Speaking during his interview with Jalang’o a while back, Jacob Obunga who is well known for his romantic and inspiring love music; went on to open up about his parents for the first time revealing unknown details.

His die hard already know that he was raised by his grandmother; however not many know why. However while on an interview with Jalang’o Mwenyewe; the comedian cum radio host ended up asking about Otile’s parents saying;

 “You’ve never talked about your parents anywhere why? You talk about your grandma most of the time?”

Kenyan R&B artist, Otile Brown

Sensitive topic

Although Otile Brown never got to spend much time with his father; the singer still held on to the few memories they shared before he separated with the Otile’s mum.

Responding to the question, Otile went on to reveal that his father passed on first; then in 2006 when he was in class 5, his mum also passed on. With both of them gone, Otile was then forced to be raised by his grandmother who was often assisted by his step mum.

Jacob Obunga popularly known as, Otile Brown

Although by this time he had mastered the art of surviving thanks to his older siblings; it must have been quite hard for him to understand why the universe had robbed him of his best friend. He went on to open up telling Jalang’o;

 “They passed away. My dada hatukuwai hata kukutana coz they broke up with my mum. I’m the last born by the way. So when they broke up with my mum, yeye alienda akabase Kisumu me and my mum remained in Mombasa. He went and passed on lakini sikupata nafasi hata ya kumzika. My mum passed away in 2006 so I just grew up with my uncles and my granny and my stepmom.”

Almost 2 decades later and the RnB superstar continues to make his grandmother proud with his achievements. He is now not only known in Kenya but world wide thanks to his international fans.

His Ethiopian girlfriend must also feel lucky considering the fact that Otile is ready to give his own children and family the life he never got while growing up.





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