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Otile Brown tries out new music style in “Wine”

February 26, 2020 at 19:28
Otile Brown tries out new music style in Wine

Otile Brown is back with a new tune dubbed Wine. The new song comes one week after the release of Aiyana a collaboration with Kenya’s finest, Sanaipei Tande.

To start with, in Wine, Otile Brown has slightly ditched his usual style of singing. I must say that in this one he has done a better job trying something new.

First, Wine is a dance video and for sure it looks like it. From the video, it tells it all. There is only one vixen doing her thing as Otile Brown sings in the background.

Otile Brown tries out new music style in Wine

Wine is a dance jam

Also, from the lyrics, it is easy to understand what this song is all about.

“I like the way you wine ah I like the way you move ah Put your drunken move ah Girl you blow my mind,  blow my mind,” says Otile Brown in the lyrics.

There is a way and a tone in which Otile Brown delivers the stanza. First, you notice he has adopted bass to create uniqueness. I must admit that this one has worked.

Wine is all about a woman shaking her body and doing all the gymnastics involved in dancing. Also, Otile Brown repeats the chorus so much to emphasise on the title of the song.

“Nyanyua kisha dondosha Nyanyua kisha dondosha Nyanyua kisha dondosha Mtoto umenikosha,” read the chorus.

Otile Brown tries out new music style in Wine

She wine girl fine is the actual chorus that shows how the girl is really twerking. This is a special one for all the dance lovers.

Although he has not put in a lot of energy like in her previous works, Otile is at the top still.  Wine has gathered a good number of views in less than a day.

Otile Brown still stands in controlling the Kenyan music scene. In conclusion, Wine gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.





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