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“Pack your bags and leave!” Femi One urges Kenyan artists

May 28, 2020 at 16:35
“Pack your bags and leave!” Femi One urges Kenyan artists

With the current harsh effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, talents have turned to online digital platforms to curve a niche for themselves in different sectors.

However, even as hundreds of Kenyans swarm to social media to advertise their brands, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) soon after nailed down on these individuals to pay for their access to these digital platforms.

Tuesday, May 36, KECOBO stated that deejays who were entertaining Kenyans through their live streams on social media needed to pay fees in order to first acquire licences, from either of the two boards.

A decision that has not only sparked rage, but also created enmity between artists and the bodies that are supposed to be supporting creatives and not siphoning out every single penny they get.

Femi One claps back

Utawezana hitmaker, Femi One did not spare the two boards blasting them for making Kenyan artistes nothing but poor individuals struggling to survive.

Kenyan female rapper, Femi One

The bada$$ female rapper actually urged budding artists not to look up-to Kenyan bodies in-charge of the industry as their future. Forget it!

According to celebrated hip-hop artist, any chance one would get to go abroad and invest in their talent should never go to waste nor taken for granted.

If you know you are someone with talent, whether you do grafitti or a musician, or a photographer and you get the chance to look for greener pastures abroad or overseas, I am begging you as Femi One, please pack your bags and fly off. Never to look back and never feel sorry that you left.

Artist, Femi One

The rapper revealed that having talent in Kenya is like a waste because no one will ever support what you do.

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Not just the music industry, but for any talent across the board, could be a footballer…you name it! The bodies enlisted to protect you and fight for your rights are instead busy ´preying on you´.

Because this country doesn´t really care about anyone with talent. Choosing to stay in this country is like preparing for your death. This country doesn´t give a f*ck. All these bodies MCSK, FKF and all, put in place to cater for our needs, are just here to feed their selfish interests.

A case in point are everyday examples where Kenyans have to come together to do some fundraising for this artist or the other after life proved too tough on them.

That´s why day in day out, you will hear on telly that ´a poor musician is begging for help, sijui he was a football star, but now he is begging for help´.

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KECOBO arrived at this decision after noticing that majority of DJs conducting live mixes online, provide their viewers and listeners with payment options to support their work.

According to Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Chairman, Japheth Kasanga, tariffs had been lowered to cushion these entertainers from financial strains and therefore they ought not complain.

What I know is the tariffs were recently revised downwards and they are much lower, so we should not bother complaining. Legally, you are expected to pay if you are using the works in a place that is not licensed. It is the right thing to do and we have worked to ensure the cost is not prohibitive.


Mixed reactions

Femi One´s sentiments attracted online support from fans who could not agree more, lauding the femcee for speaking out for the voiceless.

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