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Painful life lessons Anerlisa has learnt from her sister´s death

May 26, 2020 at 12:21
Painful life lessons Anerlisa has learnt from her sister´s death

Even as the world forges forward, Anerlisa Muigai´s wound of her sister´s untimely demise forever remains until they meet again.

A sister irreplaceable, gone during her youthful days, an energetic, vibrant, open-minded and extroverted being who lived a life away from the cameras.

Following her controversial death, Kenyans made several conclusions, among them being that Tecra was a free spirit who had been caged by her parents´ fame and affluent lifestyle.

But all she needed was some space of her own, to live life by her rules.

Keroche heiress, Tecra Muigai

No leadership position to wake up to every morning. No scheduled meetings and evening dinners with partners or investors. No name to protect and no rules to follow.

Probably that is what Tecra wanted but never got.

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Anyway, we all learn lessons in life and Tecra´s death has been a source of light to her sister, Anerlisa Muigai.

Tecra (left) with sister, Anerlisa Muigai (right)

The lessons

The last-standing Keroche heiress has turned into a motivational speaker, slowly coming to terms with life´s harsh realities and facts that many of us tend to take lightly.

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In a series of Instastories, Anerlisa spoke of friendship, a circle that grows smaller the minute you loose everything.

Monied Instagram personality, Anerlisa Muigai

Individuals you should not always trust with your personal life because some day, they will use it to their advantage and to your disadvantage.

Anerlisa´s cryptic post

And when you receive that blessing, keep it to yourself. Who said everyone should no about it? After all, can you tell your enemies from your friends?

Anerlisa´s cryptic post

However, if they do you wrong, don´t be the one to revenge, greater forces can do that for you. Just make peace with them.

Anerlisa´s cryptic post

After all, two wrongs never made a right.

Anerlisa´s cryptic post

Instead, invest in your kin: your family, your lover, those closest to your heart because these are the people who shall never back out on you.

For the lovebirds, work together from the very start and rise up to build your kingdom with your Queen.

Anerlisa´s cryptic post

At the end of the day, it all trickles down to one thing: those who will hold your hand, cry with you, comfort you, give you hope and show you love while on your deathbed.

For those who would think twice, then probably shouldn´t be in your circle.

As she closed off, she stated: that at the end of it all, do not give up kindness for anything else. Be kind.

Anerlisa´s cryptic post





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