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Pastor Burale to Kenyan women: You are a prostitute if you are using men to make money

June 06, 2019 at 09:47
Pastor Burale to Kenyan women: You are a prostitute if you are using men to make money

Pastor Burale recently had a further explanation on what prostitution is.

Speaking on Switch TV were he engaged in a talk with a small group of women, Burale shunned the ladies claiming they were looking for sponsors just because they wanted to improve their social life and class.

“For us young people we are not looking for a happily ever after. Most of us are looking for stability.

“I prefer dating older men than me. I find guys my age very childish. I met him on instagram and we have been together for six months and so far so good. To get my hair and nails done, you cannot tell your parents that you want to change your hairstyle everyday. Its all about building a brand and what better way to achieve this than to look for a sponsor?”,” said one lady. 

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Burale wasn’t afraid of calling her hustle prostitution.

“What is the need of having a long term plan while putting your health at risk that you may not be alive long enough to actualize your plan? For the lady who said you are just using the men,would you go to Koinange and sell your body? That is exactly what you are doing in an educated manner. The ladies who are in koinange also use men to get money for the same things as you are doing.” said the pastor. 


“Its the same business different geographical areas. One thing I want to encourage you is, if you know who you are on the inside clothes don’t make you. Identity is an inside job.”






  1. @nicksonkyegon : June 6, 2019 at 10:06 am

    But y…

  2. @evansabogi : June 6, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Wait wait. Burale You need to finish that statement.
    Prostitutes at Koinange street look for men to make money, and it’s clear on their clients what they’re after. Nunu Money. Likewise sponsors know what you’re after and he’ll finance your lifestyle for your nunu. So you’re just a glorified prostitute at a lower job group, but at a higher risk of getting killed by his other many side-chics or his goons the moment he decides to cut you loose since you’re trying to ruin his marriage/reputation. Also unlike your colleague at Koinange St. who calls shots on using a rubber, your sponsor’s the one rulling your safety between the sheets. And with that, there comes more risks of Cervical Cancer if he’s not circumcised, Hepatitis B, STIs or even HIV. So next time before you glorify your lifestyle, think twice: you’re atleast two classes below the lady down the street.
    Mmad respect to ladies who don’t depend on men to make an insta story of that trip to beauty salon to get your nails done or a weave on your head!

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