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Pastor James Ng’ang’a casts out stubborn demon from singer Rose Muhando (Video)

November 22, 2018 at 07:40
Pastor James Ng'ang'a casts out stubborn demon from singer Rose Muhando (Video)

Demon possessed Rose Muhando was in Kenya for healing and exorcism. The Tanzanian singer attended a church service at Neno Evangelism Center of controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a.

The Tanzanian singer had been plagued by a series of scandals and misfortunes over the past few year. Apparently Rose experienced all the misfortunes because a stubborn demon escaped from hell and managed to possess her.

A video has emerged showing pastor Ng’ang’a casting out the hell bound demon from Rose Muhando. The clip show the controversial preacher summoning Muhando to the pulpit before he starts talking about her problems.

Demon recorded

The controversial preacher then attacks the demon with a strong prayer as he performs the exorcism. Ng’ang’a’s aide is seen struggling to capture the voice of stubborn demon as the preacher performs the exorcism on Rose Muhando.

The demon later on confessed that it’s Rose Muhando’s former manager Alex Msama who summoned it to possess the troubled singer.

“Ni meneja wake alitutuma sisi, tukachukua gari zake zote, tukachukua vitu vyake vyote. Na sisi tumemtoa nyumbani sasa asirudi nyumbani, miezi mitatu sasa…” said the demon.

Critics however note that Rose Muhando’s troubles are as a result of her drug addiction, anyway watch the clip below:






  1. The demons have no power upon human beings thats great pastor i give thanks to almighty for his wonders

  2. The whole episode is acted. Jesus silenced the devil but what we get here is is rumour mongering. Muhando is being antagonized with manager. Jesus came to reconcile us with each other and not to give the devil an opportunity to win and exhert it’s power on His people.

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