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Paul Clement praises God in ‘Mungu Halisi’

October 22, 2019 at 08:52
Paul Clement praises God in 'Mungu Halisi'

Paul Clement is back with a new tune dubbed Mungu Halisi. This jam is nothing but pure bliss. Am positive that you are going to like it.

The singer has had the gospel music industry going for some time now. The Tanzanian singer who is passionate about music really knows what to feed his fans.

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One thing for sure is that Paul Clement gives his songs the emotional touch which makes one associate with what he is singing.

To start with, Mungu Halisi delivery is what captures ones attention. The way the band is being played is just amazing. I have not come across such kind of music from today’s generation more so here in Kenya.

Paul Clement praises God in 'Mungu Halisi'

You are the True God

First and foremost, we need to understand the message in Mungu Halisi. Paul Clement is talking about a True God. By this it means that no one can be compared to God as he is all powerful alone.

Ajabu imo ndani yako    Matendo yako bahati Ni kamili, si hadithi Ukitenda umetenda Bwana simply meaning; Wonderful things are to be found in You. Your works are not due to luck .They are perfect, not tales Lord, If You do You’ve done.

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In addition, Paul Clement in the second stanza talks of God’s terrifying work as they cause trembling.

Matendo yako Yanatisha kama nini Matendo yako Yanatetemesha.

Paul Clement praises God in 'Mungu Halisi'

To add the singer goes ahead to talk of how God is not a fiction, He is not a story but a true living God whose works can be done.

Paul Clement has always given hope to many through his good music and it is a great honor that you’ll find music of his work being played in church.

Mungu Halisi is a song that gospel artistes here in Kenya should embrace and work to improve their music.

In conclusion, this song is just so lit. I even don’t know what to say but Mungu Halisi gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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