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“People under the age of 40 should not get married” Husband to the late Janet Ikua explain why

July 23, 2020 at 09:02
“People under the age of 40 should not get married” Husband to the late Janet Ikua explain why

George Ikua who was married to the late Janet Ikua, a cancer victim recently opened up about a few things concerning marriage while on an interview on Switch TV.

Mr Ikua who has had some experience in marriage went on to advice the Youths not to rush into settling down when young. According to him, couples above 40 are the only people who should be allowed to marry and start a family.

This is because by this time a person would have recognized the kind of responsibilities waiting for him; and how to handle marriage itself.

The Ikua’s

actually think people under the age of 40 should not get married. I think you don’t know who you are or what you are doing. I can tell you that when you start a relationship, there are a couple of languages that have to match and I’m not trying to be philosophical. The language of love and attraction, which many call chemistry is the first thing. You realize you click and connect, you even finish each other’s sentences, and you know you like the same things and excite each other. The feeling is like a high and we all know what happens when you are high on something? It’s not permanent. You can’t be high forever, there’s no drug designed like that. Please note that that is the first thing,”

Second part of marriage

Mr Ikua went on to add the importance of intimacy in a couple! Apart from the usual attraction – George Ikua made it known that attraction is as important to intimacy!

What is your understanding of intimacy and what is her understanding of intimacy? Also, what is your understanding of its importance in a marriage context? This is what we call the first marriage, the marriage of attraction and intimacy.

The late Janet Ikua with her children

The late Janet Ikua with her children

Away from that George Ikua also touched on the importance of understanding one another’s money language. To him most this enables one to know whether they are compatible or not!

In the second marriage, which is how you know whether somebody ticks the boxes is the language of money. Because while we can be compatible, if me as a lady I think you should bring a certain amount of money, I should manage the money you bring and most of this learning I have picked from my parents, neighbours or whatever TV show and we never talk about it. So you, you come put your money in the common kitty which you share, she doesn’t involve you, she goes and runs with it then you start saying she is a gold digger, yet, that’s her language of money.




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