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“People warned me that Bahati has God’s anointing” Weezdom regretfully explains his return to Bahati’s EMB records

September 06, 2019 at 12:19
"People warned me that Bahati has God's anointing" Weezdom regretfully explains his return to Bahati's EMB records

Floppy gospel kid, Weezdom comes out to clarify to Kenyans why he made his comeback to Bahati’s EMB records despite the accusations he threw Bahati’s way.

It now clocks roughly 2 years since Wezdom’s exit from the Eastlands Most Beloved label but he is apparently back.

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However, this is his defense:

It’s a personal decision because he is a person who mentored me, there is no way I can give my story without him being mentioned. It reached a time and I thought of how I had been attacking him.


Unfortunately, it struck him a bit too late after his exit and myriad accusations that a coin always has two sides.

Not even once had I told people of all the good things he had done for me. God is the one who decided where our lives will go. You might be here now but you don’t know where you will be in the next 5 years so asking for forgiveness is a step of life.

Therefore, he had to hand in his plea of forgiveness to the EMB CEO before his return.

I am the one who asked for forgiveness, my friends, my pastor, my mum has been helped by him at some point so she takes him as his son. People told me to stop bashing Bahati in the media. They told me Bahati has God’s anointing and my destiny was intertwined with his.

He did learn his lessons right because now he had to clean up the mess he had created, and not in a so ‘manly’ way.

It’s embarrassing for a man to ask another man for forgiveness but I decided to humble myself given that Bahati is my musical father. EMB records is home and Bahati is my brother.

New jam

Speaking to Mpasho, he concluded by explaining the inspiration behind their new song dubbed ‘Block.’

The song talks about blocking negativity, temptations and the devil. Some things are obviously wrong but you still do them so the song is advising people to take a moment to think.




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