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“Perhaps your Fathers did not teach you well” Victoria Kimani addresses rape culture after Kisii men groped her booty

February 14, 2018 at 08:04
"Perhaps your Fathers did not teach you well" Victoria Kimani addresses rape culture after Kisii men groped her booty

Victoria Kimani is traumatized by what happened in Kisii during her concert. Thirsty Kisii revelers scrambled to grab the sultry singer during her performance and when she was making her way out.

Victoria Kimani performed in Kisii last Friday to a packed audience. A male reveler was slapped by the singer’s security after he touched her booty indecently.

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Victoria Kimani

Rape culture

Victoria Kimani decided to address rape culture after her experience in Kisii. The ‘Live It Up’ hit maker says rape culture flourishes because people make make jokes out of sexual violation.

The singer was blamed for dressing in revealing outfit during the Kisii show. Most people didn’t take it serious that Victoria was fondled.

Victoria Kimani performing in Kisii

“Perhaps your Fathers and brothers did not teach you well. I will be your teacher today. RAPE CULTURE is what you are promoting when you laugh or make jokes out of sexual violation, it is when you down play these actions and BLAME the VICTIM for what was done to them. I am passionate about this because I have friends and sisters and Brothers that have been raped or molested and had NO ONE to support them. You boys (and shockingly girls too) I will pray for you on this good Sunday. There is a special place in HELL for you if you do not stop what you are doing! #endrapeculture @wisdomatl” wrote Victoria Kimani.


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