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Peter Blessings new blessing is all about prayer “Mpaji”

September 16, 2019 at 17:56
peter blessing of Mpaji song

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The Taita born artist Peter Blessing  has graced the gospel arena once again with his latest hit ‘Mpaji’. This song comes barely a month after his single ‘Nasubiri Bado’ under EMB Records.

The song seems well received by fans based on the comments its already receiving besides the rising views on you tube .

The soft spoken artist, who on several occasions, has had his voice likened to that of Rayvanny from Tanzania.

There is a touch of bongo in his music and many may mistake him for a Tanzanian artist: an aspect that most of his fans have appreciated.

The video

The video is simple and blends well with the pace of the song. Well we hope this stays for the longest time.

The non-dramatic video vixens gives the viewers an easy time to focus on the lyrics and the message in the song.

‘Kwenye milima na mabonde eeh
Wewe ndio mwelekezi wetu’

The fact that its simple without much pomp, the ‘gospel police’ can easily give it a pass without making a fuss

The lyrics

One easily gets the message in the song from the very first minute.

The singer Peter Blessing acknowledges the lord as the giver/provider. A message that easily relates to the life of the artist.

Having had  of humble beginning at the coastal area of Kenya;  resilience and hard work tha bore fruit once he stepped foot in Nairobi and eventually got to cross paths with Bahati, the EMB records CEO.

On the other hand, the chance of  meeting Bahati who has served as his role model without a doubt has been the doing of the Lord.

Judging by the progress seen in Peter Blessings musical journey so far; there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The gospel scene  clearly needs this kind of shine at the moment.

‘na wengi wakipita mtihani wanakusahau mwenyezi’
Lets hope this will not be the case with Peter Blessing.

Rating we’ll go for  7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

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