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Petra has teamed up with Joh Makini on ‘Pepea’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

October 31, 2019 at 18:46
Petra has teamed up with Joh Makini on 'Pepea' and it's a big tune (Video)

Rapper Petra Yolanda Sonia Bockle, better known by her stage name Petra, has dropped a new jam with Tanzania’s Joh Makini and we are really feeling it.

The song dubbed Pepea, which means flying high, is basically a message to people who don’t wan’t to see you doing well in life so they stand in the way of your success.

Joh Makini

Joh Makini

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I have always been a huge fan of Petra because she is not only a talented femcee but also a great singer, perhaps that is why I can’t stop listening to this jam.

She really came through on this joint ladies and gentlemen. Of course, my favourite part in this song was where she was singing along to a ragga beat. You just can’t make this stuff up.

As expected, Joh Makini also did a good job. For some reason I don’t know, Tanzanian rap sounds different yet so on point. I don’t know if you catch my drift.



The beat for this jam is also on point. It’s really catch if you ask me, although this is largely a rap song, I would not be surprised if I saw people busting moves to this jam.

The video was also dope. I love the choreography, styling, editing and of course I could not take my eyes off the video vixen – Amber Ray.

Watch Pepea below and tell us what you think.




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