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Photo of the aeroplane Ringtone wants to buy himself

January 12, 2018 at 09:02
Photo of the aeroplane Ringtone wants to buy himself

After revealing his plans of purchasing himself an aero plane, singer Ringtone seems to have found his desired machine!

In a new post, the singer is seen flaunting what he refers to as an Eurocoptor . He goes on to ask fans if he should purchase it the caption and this is not new to us either.

Should l buy this?????? What do you guys this of this Eurocoptor

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For years now Ringtone has been ranked among the most richest gospel artists; and I am not wrong, he must have another side hustle which supports his lifestyle.

His wealth

The singer owns a mansion in Karen and also happens to drive sleek expensive cars which are in his name.

Having made good money in 2017 he now plans to add an eroplane which will definitely cost him a fortune.





  1. Anne Mkachala : January 12, 2018 at 9:14 am

    There is no need to ask us,just buy it

  2. Go for it

  3. Chukua mali bro

  4. Where is this money coming from, i need it too

  5. U worked to afford it,just buy it

  6. Tenda wema nenda zako

  7. The ninja either does drugs or Congo gold scams. There is nothing in his music or gigs to explain owning a house in Karen and another in Runda. No Skiza,no shows,no music sales no nothing.

  8. Ringtone reveals where he got the Ksh 20 million to purchase an helicopter - Ghafla!Kenya : January 17, 2018 at 9:33 am

    […] comes a few days after he went on his Instagram to announce the news. He shared a post asking whether there was anyone willing to sell him the […]

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