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Pierra Makena takes Mishi Dorah to court after she insulted her on social media

January 29, 2018 at 10:06
Pierra Makena takes Mishi Dorah to court after she insulted her on social media

Mishi Dorah might be in trouble after insulting Pierra Makena on Instagram. Word has it that the female DJ has now involved her legal team. They will be handling the insults thrown her way by Mishi about a week ago over a WhatsApp group conversation.

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As reported by SDE who reached out to Pierra Makena’s legal team, they will be suing the Nairobi Diaries reality show actress for attacking the lady and spreading false rumors about her.

Well, it is also unclear whether both parties will win the case; This is because Mishi claims that Pierra trashed talked her on a WhatsApp group and there could be screenshots. And on the other hand Pierra has a screenshot of Mishi’s post insulting her.

With such social media issues it might actually cost the two if they are found at fault. Anyway, lets us just say that Pierra was not ready for Mishi who is well known to fight for herself.

Mishi savagely attacks Pierra Makena

There issue began about a week ago where Mishi came out to attack the female DJ for body shaming her.

Through her Instagram page Mishi savagely attached Pierra in a lengthy post where she wrote saying;





  1. Patience Muraya : January 29, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    Lessons need to be learned out here

  2. This is about to erupt

  3. Who stole who’s man??

  4. Pierra should know better,when u play with the pigs be ready to get dirty,she asked for the drama

  5. This has been long time coming

  6. Theres no way you woukd play dirty and comebiut spotless..Pierra mingling with this girls should know better

  7. All this does not not add value..

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