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‘Pita Nao’ new tune in Ghetto Anthems

August 20, 2019 at 08:39
Pita Nao. Ghetto Anthem

Pita Nao is the newest tune in Ghetto Anthem. The jam has brought together some of the known people in the game. It is a captivating jam if you are a fan of this kin of music. Also the participants include; Dezian, Exray(Boondocks Gang), Dj Slim B and Kay Green(ADF Family).

Each and everyone of the crew has delivered their lines in the best way possible. I am always left wondering who comes up with the ideas. Also how do they know who is going to do what? It is not an easy task I believe.

Ever asked yourself how they select who is going to do what? In this case it seems like Dezian chose the best to work with him in Pita Nao.

Dezian in Pita Nao

Ghetto Anthems have become the order of the day. They are being played in every part of town be it on Tv or Radio. It is a good thing that Kenyans have accepted this generation. Although they are accepted still their content is worrying.

What is ‘Pita Nao’ about?

To start with we must understand what Pita Nao is about. You realize that most of these got hidden meaning. Some talk about sex, drugs and women. Anyway that is all about Ghetto Anthems. The song to start with is vulgar. There is line where someone says that nitakuita John juu umenibaptize. What a joke in this industry.

Dj Slim B in Pita Nao

In addition to the funny lyrics, the video is just the usual thing that this kind of artists give us. No originality. We have ladies twerking through out the jam. Sijui wanapita nao hadi wapi.

Dezian Tyrone is a Kenyan recording and performing Artist based in Nairobi. We are not going to argue more about this dude. If he wants to remain at the top of the game he needs to change his style of music. In conclusion, Pita No can only get a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the video.





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