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While he plans to spend Ksh 200 million on a chopper, this is how Ringtone’s kitchen look like

January 23, 2018 at 13:15
While he plans to spend Ksh 200 million on a chopper, this is how Ringtone's kitchen look like

Controversial singer Ringtone has become the topic of discussion after revealing plans to spend Ksh 200 on a private jet.

Having bought himself a home in Karen and is said to be driving guzzlers; there is no doubt that he can afford a plane.

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However not many know where he gets his money from but according to him, he runs a couple of businesses in Nairobi.

So far Ringtone is among the top rich gospel singers. Even without dropping any songs, he still makes sure to trend on tabloids thanks to his controversial stories.

Photo of his average looking kitchen

Anyway now that everyone is aware he is planning to buy a plane, fans can’t help but troll him kitchen. This is after he had shared a photo some home made mandazi’s but what caught many people’s attention is how it looks.

Well, instead of spending all that money purchasing an aeroplane, I bet it would be fair for him to change/upgrade his kitchen. Right?






  1. 200M man,it was all a stunt,we know

  2. This is the life many people are living in Nairobi

  3. What’s wrong with this kitchen

  4. Hehehe fake it till u make it vibes

  5. Hii Nairobi just be real

  6. Man.. upgrade the kitchen first.. but oh well.. to each his own.

  7. huyu mtu anakaa kw bed sitter Karen…..aache chocha

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