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“Pole sana love,” Betty Kyallo consoles Akothee after tragic loss

August 24, 2020 at 17:38
"Pole sana love," Betty Kyallo consoles Akothee after tragic loss

Akothee is in mourning after losing a close ‘family’ member but a good pat on her back from Betty Kyallo shone a light amidst the darkness.

The friendship between the two celebrities has proven that for better or for worse, their bond was meant to last. Despite being women in power and in completely different sectors in business, the pair has kept each other’s hearts warm and always offering a helping hand to the other, just to get back on her feet.

Women of power, Akothee and Betty Kyallo

A friendship that was not built yesterday or the day before but one that was cemented following one of Betty’s exclusive segment on her Weekend by Betty show that saw Madam Boss treat Betty to a tour around her home and in her farm before cleansing in the pool waters with some drinks and chit chat.

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Akothee’s tragic loss

This time however, Akothee was at her lowest. Taking to the gram, the singer and businesswoman mourned a woman, Mama Brian, whom she considered a mother. One who lived with her biological mom for a solid 21 years, set standards in her home but unfortunately, her time had come to say goodbye and it was not going to be easy to break the news.

My mom is totally broken 💔😢💔, I have no idea of what my brother is doing with himself now 💔. I passed by your home yesterday , Your employees look lost.

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Akothee mourns a friend and mother, Mama Brian

A death that robbed a family one of their own, Akothee shaken and not sure how to break the news but the family could already tell something was amiss.

I took my dad with me to my home yesterday ,we wanted to hide him for a while before we broke the news, He is sensing that something is wrong,he refused to stay with me, he insisted he wants to be taken back to his home 💔and that I should call his wife otherwise he will not eat my food 😭😭😭. We are broken , totally broken as a family .

Betty cheered her on;

Pole Sana love 💔

Betty Kyallo looking adorable in casual look

May her soul find eternal rest.




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