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Popular Comedian Shaniqwa becomes a waiter

April 06, 2018 at 14:09
Popular Comedian Shaniqwa becomes a waiter

Shaniqwa popularly known for her witty jokes seems to have changed careers. She is now said to be now working as a waitress.

This comes shortly after she announced to be the latest sexy waitress in town serving drinks at affordable prices. Well, she begins her new waitressing job at the Native club in Nairobi and as expected she hopes to serve her lucky fans.

Cheap prices for drinks

According to her post; her new job will come with some advantages as she promises not to harass her clients like most waitresses do. In her own words… Shaniqwa will be serving drinks from Ksh 50 and get this, the beers are legit and not like the ‘mama Pima’ like.

Walevi mnaonewa ?????????????????? ? ? ? ? ?

A post shared by Shaniqwa Mama yao (@shaniqwa_socialite) on

Well, if you have no plans for this weekend then I bet Natives is the place to be!






  1. Mushenzi haha

  2. Uko na umama sana wewe

  3. Felistus Kiki : April 8, 2018 at 1:39 pm


  4. Haha nkt

  5. Bure sana

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