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Popular Nyanza artist forced to deny he’s infected by killer STI “Jakadala” 

December 21, 2018 at 08:07
Popular Nyanza artist forced to deny he's infected by killer STI "Jakadala" 

There has been a serious scare in Migori County after claims of a strange sexually transmitted infection nicknamed ‘Jakadala’ that kills people in just a day after infection.

Though health officials in the county have come out to deny the claims, it seems the rumour is still doing rounds especially on social media.

Popular Ohangla singer Moses Odhimbo alias Musa Jakadala has been forced to deny that he has contradicted the disease and his on his death bed.


The STI has been named after him a reason why the rumour started but Musa said that he has taken everything positively. In fact, he confessed he’s somehow honored the STI was named after him.

“I have taken the trend positively. In Luo culture a popular people who trend are often named after unknown a natural phenomenon like famine or ailment. I am honoured as it shows I am a hit maker,” Jakadala said. 






  1. Nice story guys.. You can also read this awesome story from Kilimani mums

  2. Migori what’s no happening

  3. Amazing we need to take care before care of the ignorant disease manifest in our bodies. May we repent to &get saved?

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