Popular pastor reveals why Orengo could be behind the misfortunes of Miguna and Babu

February 13, 2018 at 15:52
Popular pastor reveals why Orengo could be behind the misfortunes of Miguna and Babu

Babu Owino has not been having an easy time. At the moment he would lose his Embakasi East seat after a recount of his votes was ordered by the court.

A few weeks ago he was also involved in an argument with nominated senator Millicent Omanga where he insulted her.

Babu Owino’s downfall


Well, city pastor Godfrey Migwi has come out to reveal that this is one of the reasons Babu Owino will never find peace. The pastor says that being disrespectful to women is the start of downfall for Owino. According to the Bible, women are sacred as they have the ability to bring life forth; and at the same time were created to complete a man by playing the role of a helper.

However, Babu Owino has been at the forefront disrespecting most and the results are now showing. Godfrey Migwi says that this is the main reason why he got played in the game of politics.

Miguna Miguna played by Orengo

For his greedy heart to take over Raila Odinga as the Luo leader; he got played by Orengo who had apparently been plotting all this from the very start. In a detailed post Pastor Migwi also says that Miguna Miguna was also tricked by Nasa and this is how he got deported. He wrote saying;


  1. babu ni kichwa mbaya

  2. surely politics is dirty

  3. babu is a puppet

  4. Babu hajui mchezo na ameingia na kichwa

  5. Na unaonanga tu makosa upande wa opposition?how many times has uhuru insulted pple?how many times has moses kuria insulted pple and elders too?what made omanga to first insult him?i dnt support it but you deal with both sides.NKT

  6. Umeongea poster, usirushe mawe ikugonge, Kua mwerevu
    Pen kim

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