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Popular Tanzanian artist arrested with Heroin

August 16, 2017 at 15:21
Popular Tanzanian artist arrested with Heroin

So far we understand that most celebrities from Tanzania have been accused of using drugs and after the likes of Wema Sepetu, TID, Agnes Masogange were arraigned in court – it was clear to see that this was a big issue in Bongo.

Wema arrested

Away from that, even after being taken to rehab and receiving a lot of support from Diamond Platnumz and others seems that Chidi Benz is not ready to Change his lifestyle for the better.

Chidi Benz before drugs


He is said to be in police custody after he was caught with Heroin in Ilala where he was chilling with 6 of his friends. This comes as a big surprise as many had reformed.

However, the young man is in deep in the drugs and might not quit anytime soon but since he will be in jail for a long time – he might as well as get used to going without the hard drugs.

Chidi Benz after drugs

It is sad to see this especially when his fellow artists have stayed true to avoiding drugs as warned by Paul Makonde who made sure to expose them early this year.




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