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Popular Video vixen pregnant years after suffering a miscarriage

January 13, 2020 at 15:36
Popular Video vixen pregnant years after suffering a miscarriage

Is official Lynn pregnant?

Well, thanks to a new video shared on the video vixen’s Snapchat account we believe that Official Lyyn is pregnant with her ‘first’ child about 2 years after suffering a miscarriage.

Looking at the video it’s obvious to see that Lyyn’s baby bump is actually in the second trimester heading to the 3rd.

We can however not confirm whether this video was recently taken or she had it in her archives for back in the day; and since she recently revealed that Diamond Platnumz went to seek for her hand in marriage at her parents home – then why not?

Tbt: Official Lynn pregnant

Lynn enjoying controversy

For now it’s obvious that the young lass enjoys getting all the attention and this will never change since she is an artist and a video vixen.

For some reason the WCB family is not in good terms with Lyyn and Fahyma who is said to have been dumped by Rayvanny a few weeks ago.

Fans claim that Fahyma and Lyyn are the type of women to demand a lavish lifestyle yet they refuse to put in effort. Anyway below is a video of the lady parading her grown baby bump.


Not to forget, the first pregnancy was linked to Diamond Platnumz who was at the time dating Zari Hassan.

But after the boss lady learnt about her now ex boyfriend’s behavior she then walked away with their two kids; and so far we hear that she is not in speaking terms with Diamond Platnumz or his family members.

But since kids are involved, hopefully my these two will settle their issues and Co parent for the sake of their young kids who still have a long way before they understand why both their parents can’t be together as a family.




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