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Post Your Woman On Social Media- Kamene Goro’s Advice To Kenyan Men

October 13, 2021 at 20:07
Post Your Woman On Social Media- Kamene Goro's Advice To Kenyan Men

Radio personality Kamene Goro has advised Kenyan men to get used to showing off their female partners on social media. Sharing her sentiments at K**s FM, the curvy radio presenter stated that women go through a lot and require to be flaunted by their men.

”… Do you know how hard it is to be a chick? Like me na feel right now I really need to be celebrated… You guys don’t understand the small things that we go through… Kuvaa tu nguo by the way unaumia. You better post me.

Kamene went ahead to show a bruise she got after wearing a dress she had recently bought.

”I have a whole bruise at the back of my neck because of a dress… Kuvaa tu nguo unaumia. I’m just asking you to post me.”

Kamene Goro-Google

While some people might be oblivious over Kamene Goro’s sentiments, it’s not peculiar for partners to post each other on their social media platforms. It gives a sense of assurance to some; while others believe in keeping their relationship low-key.

Either way, Kamene Goro currently doesn’t have anyone to post her as she is still single. She has however, had a taste of love and marriage life. Both of which didn’t end up quite well. On her side, a man flaunting his woman will suffice and give her a sense of belonging.




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