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“President Uhuru Kenyatta is the cause of political turmoil in Central Kenya!” City pastor tells Kenyans

September 10, 2019 at 16:42
“President Uhuru Kenyatta is the cause of political turmoil in Central Kenya!” City pastor tells Kenyans

City Pastor Godfrey Migwi is disappointed with how president Uhuru Kenyatta has been handling political matters in Central Kenya.

Through his Facebook page Migwi called out the president saying that everyone was aware that he did not like Hon Ndindi Nyoro.

This is apparently after the Hon Ndindi asked the president to help build a class or donate a bus to a certain school in Muranga but the president declined saying they should use CDF money for that.

However, a few weeks later the president was seen donating 1m to a school in Kwale then urged the government to add 10 million to build new classes. Through his Facebook the pastor wrote;

Mount Kenya will support HE Ruto

Pastor Godfrey Migwi went on to add that Mt Kenya people will support Vice President Ruto since he appears to be the one interested in helping people from the Mt Kenya region. He concluded by saying;







  1. silence should not be mistaken for cowerdice. people are upset in Central, they feel betrayed.

  2. what kind of a country, where president dismiss a people because they dislike their MP. This young man Nyoro need to stand his ground. I believe he is being hunted but he need to remember while standing for what you believe in opposition will happen, but people will feel your pulse, they will smell the scent of genuineness…
    The fact that a million are following one direction doesn’t mean they are right. A lie repeated don’t translate to Fact.
    The more you persecute this man, the more we view the real you. Our president has proved to be a different entity other than the one our mothers AND WE voted for. They espected more. Instead you choose to pLay undercards forgetting that there is a GOD who bring what is hidden to the light.
    We miss kibaki, he was a country man of few words but he was after solutions. What you saw is what we got.
    Mr. president, who cant walk away from the fire you started, until you do that our dear president, you will shower ,spray yourself, just to walk out and hear people whisper”KINANUKA’. This is what is being spoken in low tones in the villages by both the old and the young, their memories are still fresh and they know that “KINANUKA” KIDODA!!=FIRE
    FYI: Majority of moutaineers dont want A presidency, we no better, we know a presidency dont translate to a better lifestyle. ask the people of Ishaweri, its a fallacy. All we need is a functional county government. O thers may also propose, threaten peoples peace by demonstration, since that card is so much alive on the table.
    In short, a presidency in mt. KENYA is just for that persons family and circle of friends. We need patriotic county leaders. Then the reach need to invest in their counties, create jobs and build the economy. AS LONG AS WE LOOK UP AT THE GOVERNMENT IN KENYA, WE WILL NEVER BE FREE AND THOSE AT THE TOP KNOWS IT. Let the people decide for themself but dont tell us you want to change the constitution so that mountaineers can get a leader: its not worth the BILL, thank-you but we know better. we were colonized once safe the trouble of a second colonization. Freedoms ensures that people can disagree with you and not be persecuted. OUR FATHERS FOUGHT FOR OUR INDEPENDENCE GIVE US THAT MUCH. NO CHAINS!!, PHYSICAL OR IMAGINABLY, TOTAL FREEDOM, O HYPOCRISY.

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