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Prezzo finally mends fences with Jaguar ending years of hostilities

April 10, 2018 at 09:15
Prezzo finally mends fences with Jaguar ending years of hostilities

Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is the longest rivalry in the history of Kenyan showbiz. The two celebrities have hated each other with passion for years.

The genesis of Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is not clearly understood but Prezzo once said that Jaguar snitched on him just to gain mileage back then when he was still struggling.

The beef stood the test of time as Prezzo and Jaguar didn’t see eye to eye for years. They have thrown words at each other while being interviewed separately at different radio stations.

New dawn


Prezzo has finally announced ceasefire sparking hope that his beef with Jaguar has finally come to an end. Speaking on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10, the controversial rapper said that he had no problems with Jaguar.

“I don’t have issues with anyone, nowadays am a changed man. I am good with everyone, even Jaguar,” said Prezzo.

In the past Prezzo refused to acknowledge Jaguar, he said that the only Jaguar he knew were the British luxury vehicle brand – Jaguar and South American big cat – Jaguar.









  1. finally

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  4. Julyboymsafi : June 16, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    Iko vty by then.

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