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Prezzo moves on with rapper Noti Flow despite her calling him a ‘mama’s boy’?

October 11, 2017 at 11:32
Noti Flow and Prezzo

Wonders shall never seize to end if indeed Prezzo and Noti Flow are now an item. This comes shortly after the fella shared a photo chilling with the lady and from his caption – there relationship might have moved from friendship to lovers.

However, no one really saw this coming as Prezzo and Noti have always shown to have bad blood because of uncle Muss…but seems that we did not read in between the lines to realize that Noti Flow is actually Prezzo’s type and since the two are single it would be easy to be together unlike uncle Muss who has a wife.

Uncle Muss with Noti Flow

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Anyway, not quite sure what the two are up to but it will soon come out in the open since these celebrities don’t know how to keep their private lives off their social media pages.

Noti Flow also happens to have deleted all Mustafa’s photos making it obvious that she is now done with him. But will she last with Prezzo?

Noti Flow and Prezzo

Noti Flow and Prezzo





  1. Haku hawa waschana si watagonjeka wote noti cant see vile prezzo ametoka tanzania anaambiwa amelala na watu wagonjwa na yeye pia anaenda kuingia hapo sad

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