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Proof that Naseeb Junior has been warming Mama Dangote’s stone cold heart!

September 04, 2020 at 13:29
Proof that Naseeb Junior has been warming Mama Dangote’s stone cold heart!

Mama Dangote’s family has lately been keeping a low profile for a while now but as seen on her page; it appears that she has been missing her grandson, Naseeb.

The grandmother of 7 went on to unveil never seen before photos bonding with Naseeb Junior a while back. Lately we understand that the lady has been favoring Naseeb as he is said to look everything like Diamond Platnumz.

Judging from the photos shared by Bi Sandra it’s evident to see that out of the 4 children Diamond Platnumz sired; only Naseeb Junior and Tiffah came out looking like exact copies of singer, Simba!

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Enjoying grandmother’s love

Apart from being nick named Tom Kaka, mama D also refers to the young boy as Kichwa kubwa which can clearly be seen on baby NJ.

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Howver just like his daddy, the young boy will soon grow into his head just like Diamond did! Luckily for him, at least he has some Caucasian blood running in his blood and in a few years many will get to see how handsome he gets!

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Anyway as for now, Tanasha Donna should probably allow her son’s people to visit or just see their grandchild; because it clearly seems that Mama Dangote misses her favorite man dearly!

Naseeb Junior with grandma




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