Proof that Vanessa Chettle’s daughter got her looks from her mummy, check out their striking resemblance

March 13, 2018 at 09:13
Proof that Vanessa Chettle's daughter got her looks from her mummy, check out their striking resemblance

Vanessa Chettle’s baby girl, Anna is now one month old as she was welcomed two days to Valentine’s Day. Her birth was however what refer to as a miracle since Vanessa Chettle managed to push and give birth all alone in the house.

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One month later, the little girl seems to have grown into a beautiful baby who looks just like her mama. From the latest photos shared by Vanessa Chettle it is clear to see that her daughter resembles her, pretty much around the facial area and skin tone.

So far the young lady has revealed that she will do the impossible to ensure her daughter leads a comfortable life; even if it means working at night.

Vanessa Chettle shares details about her baby daddy

The former Nairobi Diaries socialite recently shared a few details about her baby daddy saying that they no longer see eye to eye.

According to Vanessa she got pregnant 3 months after she starred dating the unnamed fella. However, it seems that he was not ready for such a responsibility and this is why they broke up.



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