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Ps Jackes redeem hearts in ‘Ni fanane na wewe’

October 19, 2019 at 13:21
Ps Jackes redeem hearts in 'Ni fanane na wewe'

Ni fanane na wewe is a gospel rhythm. It narrates on how the artist would want his deeds to be what God wants and thus be like him. He narrates he was told a mistake is never a mistake till it’s repeated. Also it is a world full of friends thus watch out friends who love earthly fan.

Redemption is for one to choose between going to heaven or just remain on earth. What matters most is to have and stick to ones faith without concern on what people say. Faith comes through listening and acknowledging Gods word (Bible). The Bible takes away confusion because God is the final and whole truth and everlasting life.

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Ps Jackes redeem hearts in 'Ni fanane na wewe'

Nifanane Nawe is all about emulating God

Ps Jackes thus takes the chorus lead, ‘nifanane nawe.’ He sings out of all he’s learnt and practiced about the word he’d want to be like Jesus. It involves the repetition of the title, ‘ naomba nifanane nawe.’

He continues the lead asking God to hold his hand there’s a harsh storm. Ps Jackes sings he’d want God to be his friend and teach him the way to follow.

Thus asks for guidance on how to forgive and love even those who don’t believe in love. Such a journey for this artists which many people have a real challenge to follow in this life. Jackes asks God to let him be close to him and follow his ways and never bring him shame.

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Ps Jackes redeem hearts in 'Ni fanane na wewe'

The song is full of life. It is a true gospel that’s sang from the heart of this artist Ps Jackes. The lyrical flow was well done complimenting the title of the song, ‘nifanane nawe.’

The video is also well done, a simple caliber for a gospel song set to pass a simple message. Indeed the artist has blessed the fans with a good hit. Christianity is a journey that involves a lot especially sacrifices of earthly things. Thumbs up to the artist for letting us know. Like and give us your views on the song as well.




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