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Publicity stunt? Anerlisa Muigai spotted wearing her ring days after stirring breakup rumors (Photo)

August 18, 2020 at 18:26
Publicity stunt? Anerlisa Muigai spotted wearing her ring days after stirring breakup rumors (Photo)

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol are slowly but carefully putting to rest claims of their alleged breakup, 2 months into marriage.

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The couple had reportedly parted ways after Ben Pol’s cryptic message online, clarifying it was time he took care of himself and put himself first. What he called ‘cleansing’.

Ben Pol treats fans with Napenda Nipate Lau Nafasi

Tanzanian music star, Ben Pol

He announced he would be taking a break on social media to this effect. Soon after, Anerlisa went to her page hinting that the Tanzanian artist had been cheating on her with ladies younger than her.

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Only for the billionaire heiress to make a comeback the next day revealing intentions to start her own clothing line.

Mrs Ben Pol to launch own clothing line

Fans called her out for clout chasing with majority getting the idea that their alleged breakup was just to draw enough attention to her next big project – her clothing company.

She went mum on it until her recent photo, donning a shinny jewel on her ring finger and hawk-eyed fans could tell they had been played. One fan posed:

tsme_starr Is that a wedding ring??

NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai

Chances that these two are still enjoying the fruits of their first months in marriage are very high because Anerlisa was recently spotted cruising on the busy streets of Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Ben Pol remains mum on the same. In fact, his Instagram has been inactive since August 9, pulling down his post on social ‘cleansing’.

Ben Pol’s cryptic Instagram post




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