Queen Darleen is back with a new banger ‘Tawire’

May 31, 2019 at 16:45
Queen Darleen is back with a new banger 'Tawire'

Queen Darleen is back with a new banger ‘Tawire’.The Wasafi Record member has hit the airwaves after her last release ‘Touch’ last year. She came to the limelight due to her song Kijuso where she featured Rayvanny. In her new song, she talks about people got heavy hearts. It is a jam that one can easily relate with what happens in real life. In short she says that they rely only on witches.

Queen Darleen; Tawire


This is a Wasafi production and we all know how they do their stuff. Queen Darleen in her new single, the  voice is so clear and there is enough energy. She does not disappoint. In addition, the audio is so clear and the beats are in sync.


Lyrical Presentation of Tawire

The song  has great lyrics. The message in Tawire is very strong and am sure you will want to keep on replying it. There is this verse where she tells what people do for one not to succeed;

Wanapiga manyanga (eh)
Usijenge ubaki kupanga
Wanachanganya waganga (eh)
Wa Pemba, Tanga, Sumba, Wanga
Makili kili na ma fili fili
Tunayakemea yapotee, Amina!
Madili dili mwana mbili mbili
Na mitonyo yote ilegee, Amina!
She goes on to talk about how they sort help from witches from Pemba, Tanga, Sumba, Wanga. Are this not the famous witch doctors? She just said it better in this verse.
Further in to the song, Queen Darleen talks of how the enemies are struggling to bring you down and urges people to be close to their God.
Wamekalia vigoda
Wanataka kukuroga
Wachawi dumba watangoja
Weka Mungu kwako awe namba moja.
There enough juice in one song. People need to hear this. In addition, repetition has been used to emphasize on the title of the song. Looking at the chorus the style is evident. The song gets a rating of 6/10.





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