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Radio personality King Kalala is being body shamed by low value men

January 15, 2021 at 15:15
Radio personality King Kalala is being body shamed by low value men

King Kalala is being mocked by low-value men on Twitter and for some reason, I found the entire episode hilarious because when you really read into the mischief, it is something peculiar to Kenyan men and I would argue to some extent, African culture.

“Tumatako ni kama nyama quarter,” King Kalala badly trolled after posting these skinny photos

You see, King Kalala is one of the women who to most African Kenyan eyes would be seen to be skinny. However, when we look at universal beauty standards, her physique is what most women around the world pursue. Infact, more often than not, luxury clothing brands do not make plus size articles so that is saying alot.

The irony of this turn of events, however, isn’t lost on me as I know that King Kalala at some point last year earned the ire of many Kenyan women when she made some brash, brusque comments about fat women. that would probably explain why none of the false body positivity evangelists has spoken up in her defence.

King Kalala remains unapologetic for her insensitive ‘Fat people’ comment

But far from this being a lesson in karmic energy, this is about low-value men who have decided to dogpile her on Twitter. You see, King Kalala shared two photos of herself in a dress she doubtless felt was cute. While it was almost expected (like clockwork really) that women would take this opportunity to snip at her, I was surprised to see Kenyan men join in.

King Kalala

NRG presenter, King Kalala

It at first made me question whether King Kalala is attractive. I looked her up and checked out the photo. She is. So could it be that Kenyan men are unabashedly infatuated by rotund women? This was a huge fact that informed my assumptions and is why I pointed this out at the beginning.  I would, however, argue that this isn’t the case because when I take a cursory glance at Instagram, Kenya’s more full-figured, big-boned, or whoever you want to refer to rotund socialites aren’t half as followed as the more nubile ones.

King Kalala is absolutely right about fat women, fat men, fat Kenyans

So I cannot fully get behind the idea that Kenyan men are peculiarly enamoured by fat women. No, the issue here is men with low self-esteem. These are the type of men, still living in their fathers’ houses who know they cannot compete for the affection and attention of more aesthetically pleasant women so they resign themselves to chubby chasing. There is nothing wrong with chubby chasing but men who are truly enamoured by plus-size lasses often do not see the point of defecating on slimmer, nubile women.

King Kalala

King Kalala got a taste of body shaming

So King Kalala by my not so humble estimation is a woman who is simply falling victim to men who are well aware they could never get a lass like her so they instead busy themselves in decidedly feminine passive-aggressive tactics. Peak effeminate low-value male tactics.

“I have a weakness of cheating,” King Kalala confesses (Video)

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