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Raila Odinga’s daughter and Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe throw words at each other

December 01, 2017 at 12:06
Raila Odinga’s daughter and Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe throw words at each other

A war of words ensued between Winnie Odinga and Polycarp Igathe after the latter exposed tribalism at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

On Tuesday Winnie Odinga took to Facebook to narrate how her driver was turned away at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital. Raila’s daughter reveals her driver was taken to the hospital after police shot him on the head with teargas cannister at close range.

Winnie Odinga says that hospital attendants at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital turned her driver away because he was rushed there by men wearing ‘resist t-shirts’.

She claims that medical practitioners at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital refuse to attend to her bodyguard stating that they don’t treat Raila’s people there.

“Today my driver John Ogwati was shot in the head from close range by a Teargas launcher. After falling to the ground he was then trampled on. He was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital by friends who were wearing “Resist Tshirts”. The staff upon seeing this group, which included John bleeding profusely from his head, informed the patient, “we don’t treat watu wa Baba hapa.” He has since been moved to another facility. (Two other patients who were injured by police and taken to that facility were also chased away.)” Winnie Odinga posted on her Facebook page.

Winnie is lying

Polycarp Igathe however says that Winnie’s post was meant to trigger violent protests against the hospital.

The Nairobi deputy governor claims that Nasa patients were treated for free at the facility. He says Winnie is lying about the whole incident.

“Allow me to clear the air about an article in the social media by one Winnie Odinga that we chased away NASA patients yesterday, which is a lie they were all attended to free of charge” ~ Dr. Musa Mohammed – Medical Superitendent Mama Lucy Hospital,” Igathe said in one of his tweets.

Winnie fired back at Igathe saying that he was peddling lies to cover the unfortunate incident at Mama Lucy hospital. Raila’s daughter further says she has evidence of a transaction to prove she paid medical bill for her injured driver at Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru.

Winnie took her driver to Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru after he was turned away at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital which is a public hospital.

“Bwana DG, Unless Dr . Muhammed is also the superintendent at Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru and unless he entered my phone and sent money for the hospital bill I’m saddened to inform you that his attempt at calling me a liar has failed! The hospital discriminated. Deal with that, not with me! (No further questions)” wrote Winnie Odinga.






  1. Whatever happened here should be looked into. But to call Winnie a lier is not going to hold water. Only someone who does not know Winnie’s ethics would say something like this. Winnie is a young, gracious lady who would not engage in lies for whatever reason. I can vouch for the young lady and request the DG and the hospital administration to investigate thoroughly what transpired.

    • So everybody else is a liar except Winnie? This is a she said they said situations. This is a serious allegation, let’s get all your facts straights before passing judgement.

  2. I thought they are RESIST people. Why resist some services and not others. They should even resist renting our properties.

  3. Winnie was not at the hospital. She relied on what NASA supporters who went there told her. It is called hearsay. Her allegations constitute a narrative that divisive politicians would love to peddle around.

  4. Winie ondinga should respect the fact that she’s a kenyan.even if she has money from the donors who are well known are arms dealers and drug barrons she should respect our institutions. Period

  5. Am not surprised that Winnie is a lier. She’s Ondinga’s daughter isn’t it? I think she’s trying engage in politics so she can take over from his father,the Prince of poverty. Well,she has a chance since the nilotes don’t see beyond Ondinga’s family. Bless u gal.

  6. george w wachira : December 4, 2017 at 2:14 am

    This reminds me of the “killed” military spokesman, sometimes back…..

  7. We have a very big problem in Kenya. This is just a drop in the ocean.

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