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Rapper Visita broke and homeless, pleads for help

October 14, 2021 at 09:59
Rapper Visita broke and homeless, pleads for help

Popular rapper Visita has not been having it easy for the past few months. The fella revealed this while on an interview with popular tabloid; where he opened up about his homeless situation not forgetting how broke he is.

According to Visita things haven’t been easy as he was kicked out of his house; after failing to pay rent for 5 months; a move that left his wife and kids out in the streets.


 Mimi venye nilifungiwa Keja, I had to look for ways to talk to my wife; for her to take our kids to the village maana watoto hawawezi teseka Nairobi.

Just to prove how serious his situation has become, Visita says he is now forced to c***h in one of his friend’s music studio; that is  after sleeping on his corridor with wife for a whole week. He went on to add;

Nilikuwa nadozz hapa(corridor) na Msupa, tulikaa hapa na Msupa kama wiki moja…


ndo nikabonga na DJ Lebbz akaniokolea place ya kukaa. So this is real, unajua sometimes watu wanachukulia ni jokes msee akiwa kwa ngori. This studio belongs to DJ Lebbz and Mutua and I appreciate them so much for always helping me.

Blames Mzazi Willy M Tuva for his woes

Well according to Visita he tried seeking help from people he once thought where his biggest supporters; only for the likes of Mzazi Willy Tuva to ghost him in his time of need.

Kenrazy, Visita and Refigah of GrandPa Records

I have called him severally ananizungusha tu, I don’t like Tuva but don’t have a problem with him. I don’t respect him. My experience with Tuva is just bad it’s not a good vibe. I had respected him so much,

Not that he wanted to borrow money, but wanted royalties from the laughter; and performance track Mzazi Tuva had registered on Skiza tune.Speaking about this, Visita said;

I don’t like Tuva. He is a pretender. I don’t like someone who calls me and tells me I’m the biggest producer in Est and central Africa. Don’t tell me that if you don’t mean it. Then he went ahead and took my laughter and performance track akaenda aka register skiza.






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