Rare photo of Joho’s beautiful wife finally emerges online..sorry, Ex-wife

April 20, 2017 at 06:18
Rare photo of Joho's beautiful wife finally emerges online..sorry, Ex-wife

For those team mafisilets that have been constantly asking, Joho is indeed married or rather was to a gorgeous graceful woman with whom they managed to bring forth 4 equally gorgeous kids.

As unearthed by Tuko yesterday, meet madina Hassan the woman who once tamed the ever brave Mombasa governor who has waged war against the Jubilee government.


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A very private person, the last time she was seen in public was a couple of months ago when she when she accompanied the Mombasa deputy governor Hazel Katana to a function and has only appeared alongside Joho only a couple of times before the two got a divorce.

She’s however active among Mombasa residents whom adore her for her charitable activities especially among orphans.

She works under Joho foundation which she and the husband started together.




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