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Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on ‘Nidokoe’

October 28, 2019 at 15:29
Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on 'Nidokoe'

Danzak is back this time with Tanzania’s finest Nandy for their new jam Nidokoe.

This is the 4th project of 2019 from DanZak, the East Africa born-Omani singer and airline pilot. Here he collaborates with the talented and multi-award winner, Nandy.  Nandy is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter and CEO of “The African Princess” record label.

To start with, Danzak’s  music style is of Arabic flavored melodies blended with Bongo flava of music influenced from R&B and traditional Tanzanian styles.

Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on 'Nidokoe'

Nidokoe is all about lovers professing their love

Nidokoe song and video details two people in love at the apex of professing their feelings for one another at their wedding ceremony.

In addition the jam has been Produced by Yogo Beats and shot by Director Kenny in Tanzania. Also, its wedding theme will take you on a love-filled journey, inspiring happiness and gyrating excitement from the unique blend.

To add on, Nandy as she performs Niidokoe there is a lot of energy and her beautiful voice is mind blowing. Her collaborating with Danzak is a great things for the project.

Further into the song you get to see the lyrical prowess of Danzak and Nandy on board. Nandy is a lass who has taken her music level internationally over time.

Raunchy Nandy is back with Danzak on 'Nidokoe'

Nidokoe is all filled with love and some lines are better sang in a wedding. Actually the words are so convincing to some extent one thinks the prince charming is finally here.

To add on, the title of the song has been brought out well in the video. The actions are actually in line with the songs title.

For sometime now, Nandy has slowed down and this is more of a comeback for her. In her singles, the raunchy singer has always talked of love. Though she is controversial, this has helped her gain momentum.

Danzak for sure knew what he was targeting as he brings the queen of music on board. In conclusion, Nidokoe gets a rating of 7/10.

Video Below.





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