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“Real Talk,” We need more Tamimas on air if not at home

April 10, 2019 at 11:25
"Real Talk," We need more Tamimas on air if not at home

‘Real Talk with Tamima’, is a show on Swith Tv that airs on Monday and Tuesday at 8:30pm. The show delves on social issues like sex,marital issues, drugs and other mental issues. With this Tamima Ibrahim, has laid a foundation that has helped many people including the youth to open up about issues that affect them.

I mean, for ages, we grow up with different analogies to what life is .We grow up being told what to do and what not to. Societal pressures of doing what is ‘right.’ I put in quotes because I too would like to know what defines right from wrong.

Depression and Sex talk
The topical Show has given this young people the opportunity to air out their depressive disorders. If only this young people had proper guidance about the harsh reality of life I believe we’d have a maturer crop of adults.

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In this day and age, many young people-Millennials of 1990-1996 and Centennials of 1997 Onward- are succumbing to depression, why?

This because most of them are not ready to deal with what life offers.To make it worse social media is now the tool that is dampening more spirits that ever.It is no longer about ‘socializing’ but about who is better than the other.

For that, there is an out cry to parents and specialists to reach out to the young people to offer guidance. Thankfully, Real Talk with Tamima seems to be clicking the right buttons among the youth.

Real Talk…

In the show Tamima engages us with a live audience that give their experience on certain topics. She moderates it so well for that she deserves an accolade.Then after that she invites specialized guests who offer solutions or opinions on the issues.

With daily hustles in in the country, many people are harboring things that they can’t talk about.Had it been that parents or rather adults would engage their children, depression would be a non-issue.

If only we embraced people better than we judge them,many would not be killing themselves.

Below is a recent episode of the show.If this isn’t a wake up call to the society, then not even corruption can be solved in this country!





  1. I went through the comment section of that video,waah!many men in Kenya are naive.Don’t follow a woman’s words,follow her actions

  2. Sure..other media personalities need to concentrate on real talk with millenials and the x generation too…the sponsors

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