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Is this the reason why Diamond Platnumz prefers sharing Tiffah photos compared to Nilan?

October 06, 2017 at 09:47
Diamond Platnumz with Nilan

Word making rounds on social media is that Diamond Platnumz already carried a DNA test on his son Nillan, only to find out that the baby is not his.

This comes a few weeks after he celebrated the birth of his second son, Abdul Naseeb who was welcomed to the world about two months ago by his mum Hamisa Mobetto.

Princes Nilan and Abdul Naseeb

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Anyway, the rumors goes on to add that Diamond Platnumz carried the test in private as he did not want to alarm Zari who already knew that Dee was not the father of her son.

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The reports which were first shared by several Tanzanian news outlets go on to add that after finding out the truth Diamond Platnumz chose to protect Zari from the public embarrassment as he did not want the public involved.

He however made the announcement in the Wasafi records whatsApp group where he told his boys about the DNA results from Nillan’s test.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz

Looking at his social media pages I also realized that he rarely shares photos of the toddler and even after flying in SA during Zari’s birthday he did not make any effort to share his son’s photo – wherelse he shared a video hanging out with Tiffah. So could this mean that Zari Hassan also played him with her late husband?

Guess we will have to wait for the DNA results to be shared online to confirm this.

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  1. The truth will come ou soon

  2. You guys are keen,yes,i hv never seen him post Nillan

  3. He was played maybe but its now squared with Hamisa’s kid

  4. Only the mother knows who the father is, DNA shud be done

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  6. No matter what the true will come out

  7. People should mind their own business and live diamond and hid family alone…if he kept it private who are you bu bother .??????kenyans tho

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