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Recent updates on DJ Evolve´s treatment, are a good sign

February 13, 2020 at 10:54
DJ Evolve

B-Club deejay Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve is responding well to treatment and slowly regaining his motor abilities according to recent reports.

It clocks almost a month since the fatal shooting involving Embakasi legislator, Babu Owino and the disk jockey that left his spinal cord at risk.

DJ Evolve (left) showing positive response following fatal shooting by MP Babu Owino (right)

Recent updates show a positive trend in the health and recovery process of the entertainer.

A close ally to DJ Evolve recently visited Nairobi Hospital to check on his health and there is good news.

In a tweet, the friend revealed that Orinda is continuing to recover at the hospital´s Intensive Care Unit following his spinal surgery on Sunday.

DJ Evolve´s positively responding to treatment at Nairobi Hospital´s ICU

Further adding that the DJ is responding well to treatment and now able to move his legs.

We keep him in our Prayers!





  1. Fatal shooting means somebody died. Surely which school did this journalist go to?

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