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Revealed: Employment stands in the way of Eric Omondi and Chantal´s Happily Ever After

May 24, 2019 at 10:32
Revealed: Employment stands in the way of Eric Omondi and Chantal´s Happily Ever After

President of comedy, Eric Omondi has seen the world witness his unspeculated breakup with Chantal but opens up that employment opportunities forced the two apart.

Up and close with EDAILY, Eric Omondi stated that upon granting Chantal her wish, they reached a mutual agreement to call of their romance but stick as allies.

The popular comedian expresses:

What Kenyans did not know is that Chantal has never been Kenyan; she is Italian.

Whenever she jetted into Kenya, she always came to visit me.

With her tourist visa, she cannot work in the country.

Chantal´s stay in Kenya meant she cannot fend for herself, therefore all she could do was stick around her boyfriend.

Meanwhile Eric Omondi was busy doing his tours and all and she therefore felt she needs formal employment.

And, she recently asked me if I can allow her to permanently stay in Italy and get formal employment there.

And because I had seen her stay in my house doing nothing meaningful, I saw it wise to grant her her request.

The only option the 4-year old couple had was to grant Chantal her request to engage in formal employment in Italy but that also meant, no frequent visits.

This would prove tough on them because they would have to bare with the situation of a pretty long distance relationship that none knew when it would end.

Given we would stay far apart from each other over an unknown period, we reached a mutual agreement to end the relationship.

Therefore, calling it off was their best option but close allies, they remain.

We do wish them well.




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