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Rich Mavoko featured in new jam dubbed ‘Hatutaki Kesi’

September 25, 2019 at 15:32
Rich Mavoko featured in new jam dubbed 'Hatutaki Kesi'

Harmonize is back this time with Mr. Blue on his new jam Hatutaki Kesi. This comes after his latest release Babilon. The duo from Tanzania have released a super cool jam. It is as success of Bang Nao. Mr. blue has recently hit the airwaves with super cool lyrics and his prowess is something to go by.

Also, Rich Mavoko is someone who has never failed on his projects. The talented Bongo star is doing very well. He is know for a couple of hits and his collaboration with Mr. Blue serves as a plus.

In addition,the song dubbed Hatutaki Kesi is very simple to understand. You know the duo has killed it already. Hatutaki Kesi simply means they do want anything to do with a case. They praise themselves on what they are and end up calling themselves the baddest.

Message in Hatutaki Kesi

Further, Wanasema dunia gunia, salamu zao mitaa ina nilinda sina bodyguard, star pia nicheck dress code. In this stanza, Rich Mavoko and Mr. Blue are talking of how out there are protected. To start with, say they are protected by those on the hood. Sounds like a dis track.

Rich Mavoko featured in new jam dubbed 'Hatutaki Kesi'

To add on, Mr. Blue needs to be consistent in his releases. Further into the lyrics; Black sitopinga uniite blackboard na njia ninayo ipinda inaitwa rafu road, si chagui bana si bagui sio rafiki sio adui bana. In this stanza he  compares his color to that of a blackboard.

Also, lets look at this stanza; Nikiwa booth natema truth Lie nazi – Usilete uzushi nitakushoot Uvishwe suti na mabuti mahututi Ulale kwenye jeneza hata kama una bullet. They talk about saying the truth and not entertaining crap.

There is also this staza in Hatutaki Kesi where they talk of people who are quick to snitch. Angalia wana snichu snichu Mungu mwamuzi na kifo Hatutaki kesi, wanatupa kesi Zao kesi, tunamada kesi Hatutaki kesi, wanatupa kesi Zao kesi, tunamada kesi.
Rich Mavoko and Mr. Blue have not disappointed. In conclusion, Hatutaki Kesi gets a ratig of 6/10.

Video below.




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