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Ringtone: Am lonely, I need a wife to live with in my 10 bedroom house in Runda

January 11, 2019 at 08:14
Ringtone: Am lonely, I need a wife to live with in my 10 bedroom house in Runda

Gospel singer Ringtone has not been lucky when it comes to love, the exotic women he desperately wanted to marry all turned him down.

Sometimes in 2015, Ringtone said he was ready to marry Ray C, this was after the Tanzanian singer took to social media to launch a husband bid. Ray C however rejected Ringtone’s offer.

Then came Zari, Ringtone was desperate to marry the Ugandan after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz. He even bought her a Range Rover but Zari still declined his marriage proposal.



Ringtone is now willing to marry any woman, he revealed he was lonely while giving a a testimony at the ATG Church recently during a church service.

“You know am you son, I was seated here and was wondering should I come or not. I live in Runda in my 10 bedroom house and I live alone, now that’s the problem. Today, I was jealous because I saw a lady getting married in this church and am just here. Now pastor I just want you to pray for me so that I can get mine too,” Ringtone was quoted by the Star.







  1. Caroline Atieno : January 11, 2019 at 8:46 am

    He better look for someone who is ready

  2. But I think ringtone is not a typical kisii man by blood,kisiis as per the history itself won’t miss to have even a 10 galfriends whereas he can choose one from,,,or there might be something below the carpet why he is still single…tell the public plz,

  3. Si aende kwa dating app tu..kwani ameshindwa kukatia wasichana..tihihi

  4. Maureen Ng'endo : January 11, 2019 at 10:03 am

    On the real though, I think Ringtone should just let life be. From experience, I can say that the more you put pressure into something the longer it takes to actually happen. He should trust fate and wait for God to give him his perfect match. As they say, it’s better to wait long that to marry wrong.

  5. u only need to carry uaself SIMPLE n utambag! need to carry uaself SIMPLE

  6. Assess yourself first brother. You have a shit beneath your skin.

  7. Ringtone has what I can say superiority complex it is a turnoff from both God and man… The favor of God is not truly on him..

  8. Michelle brenda : January 11, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    It’s not about the lavish life,the big mantion,its about him finding true love, and this not even money can buy.I think for ringtone to even reveal his house on social media is wrong, and this will attract the wrong women.(the gold diggers are awake),he just has to have faith,and the right woman will come along.

  9. Ur pride will make u miss the right person.

  10. This was the worse thing u did coming to people wouldn’t help ,you could just play God to bless u with the right person for u ,but for u know, everyone will be looking up on u the worse than u even had

  11. My God…what kind of a woman do you want?kuuliza tu

  12. Don’t just make it look like a New Year resolution. Landing a wife isn’t an achievement. Staying together bila maneno mingi is. If you have to go out looking for a wife, you’ll come back empty handed and/ or with whatever has been thrown at you. Go out and share love (ile ya Yesu) and you’ll get a good wife.

  13. worry not, GOD will answer your prayer

  14. buda si uchukue ata Vera ama Huddah ndo size yako uache kutusumbua……despite kua na hiyo mali yote hakuna ata Njeri ama Nyambura anakutaka!!!!!! there must be something wrong with you brother. You need to call yourself to a meeting and figure out nani alikukalia chapo… thank me later

  15. apunguze ujinga kwaza kisii men dont act like him

  16. Am so ready Mr,,,I also want to get married

  17. Wrong choice of women …hio taste yake hmmn is questionable for a gospel singer

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