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Ringtone says Diamond did not have enough money to support Zari’s lifestyle

February 23, 2018 at 15:44
Ringtone says Diamond did not have enough money to support Zari's lifestyle

Ringtone has made it obvious that he is now interested in Zari Hassan now that she is a single woman.

In a recent interview the gospel singer came out to ask for Zari’s hand in marriage as he is ready to settle down unlike Diamond Platnumz.

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Speaking to Pulse Magazine Ringtone has gone further to reveal when he is so interested in the lady even though he knows he cannot have her. He said,

“I have been following the Zari story for a long time. She is a nice lady who needs the good life and Jesus as well. First of all, I want to help her see the light. She needs a born again man, I have what it takes to get a lady of her class. In fact, I am ready to get my Karen house ready for her.”

Diamond Platnumz is broke

Ringtone went on to suggest that the reason Zari was tired of Diamond Platnumz is because she finally realized that he has no money to support her.  Anyway, but as for him he is willing to give her everything she wants and much more just to ensure she is happy.

“It’s not like I’ve been praying for their separation but since it has already happened, that is just life. Diamond was pretending that he can support her expensive life but he doesn’t have the money for that, the way I do. Probably Diamond just confused her with all that celebrity hype but it didn’t help. The boss lady cannot be contained in Tanzania, but Kenya.”






  1. Uko n ujinga. zari is not ua type peleka ujinga mbali

  2. He’s been following zari’s story for a long short he’s been admiring and praying for their separation.he calls himself a born again Christian and he’s ready to marry zari immediately.a true born again should be counselling and encouraging diamond and zari to get back together not to rush and marry zari when diamond is still breathing.the bible doesn’t encourage that it’s pure adultery.and I don’t agree with him that diamond is broke may be in future but not now.if GOD descent now to judge diamond and ringtone,diamond will be forgiven and ringtone will thrown in eternal fire to perish for advocating adultery and marrying diamond’s wife when still a life there is no different between broke diamond and wealthy ringtone both are sinners

  3. League yake huwezani yao baba..atleast look for someone of ur status.

  4. hiyo n tamaa style up

  5. And again the boss lady will never be contained in Tanzania or Kenya but southafrica trust me let ringtone dare it and he’ll remember this comment for the rest of his future

  6. This guy ring whatever has become completely of order….. Can a born again Christian utter such nonsense, you want attention, release a new album besides stop calling yourself a man of God you misleading your fans….Shut up!

  7. Rington wacha tamaa. …tafuta wako wachana na wa diamond they will be together as time goes by. ..

  8. Concentrate on salvation achana na tamaa kaka

  9. Hahaa ati mond is broke? what the hell r you talking about.. mdomo mingi na hauwezani hata na kina vera sidika

  10. Rington??? Who d hell r u??

  11. Ringtone u must be out ur mind to think that zari can accept u,,,,,!

  12. yua such an idiot….hw can yu think abt somebodies wife

  13. Khaaaa.
    We Ni miito au

  14. Ringtone you are about to unmask the
    stupidity in your skull
    Pray hard that Jesus Christ will
    remind you of your calling

  15. S.P.O king masaku : February 24, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Diamond isn’t broke what I can tell my fellow musician to look for a woman I congratulate Willy Paul msafi and Bahati tena their age not old but ringtone your a mzee leave Diamonds family alone just go on with your life and if your a Christian let’s see your salvation working on Diamond it’s a Muslim

  16. We aren’t in a field of games.hebu Mr men acha ufisi n la zaidi acha kupaka mwenzako matope sababu ya eve.kama Adam alishindwa,we una nini? Unaongozwa na roho mtaka vitu

  17. Is that salvation is all about? Am not judging you but that is pride,
    Humble yourself before the God,God changes people and He can change the situation for Diamond and Zari,for the sake of the kids. And that what a true Christian or Muslim would wish for that family.
    Don’t be under base bro.

  18. You’re confused bro…….wacha aibu

  19. This is a confused moron we ata unajua class ya diamond inaspeliwa aje ,,boss!!!!!

  20. Maze bro,u can’t compete with Diamond he is not ur class.Find ur own woman n marry her kawangware wako wengi.The two couples will get back together in a marriage there r always bumps.Bro una aibu ndogo ndogo u r a grown up person mind ur buessines na uwachane na wapendanao

  21. I don’t understand what salvation is all about!! Tamaa ni ya nini?!!

  22. Pereka pepo nahukooo.ukiona zari anaweza kukubali wewe sasa….you are out of you mind ..”tumia talanta yako ili uende mbali” concentrate on salvation na uwache matamaa mingi ndugu mchristo bonoko….

  23. Ringtone amekata wire. You cant compare yourself with diamond. To diamond you are just like a church mouse.

  24. ringtone na class……..(insert jacob zuma pic with fingers here)

  25. Shadi Dimosh Costah : March 16, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Do U Want To Marry Her Or Be Sponsored By Her ?

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