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Risper Faith flaunts hourglass figure days after undergoing plastic surgery (Photo)

November 02, 2020 at 14:52
Risper Faith flaunts hourglass figure days after undergoing plastic surgery (Photo)

Girls saying ‘I’m only with him for love and not money’ should take a moment and read this! This is because money has proven to make the world go round; and if you’re not independent then bag a man who can take care of you like Brian does with Risper!

22 months after welcoming their son, Risper Faith says she gained some massive weight that left her feeling kama mtugi ya Keg; but thanks to the new cosmetic surgery being done in town, the young mum was able to achieve her body goals the easy way out!

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

This past weekend, Risper Faith admitted to having undergone liposuction to hell reduce fat around her arms and belly! According to the lass, the plastic surgeons managed to remove 8kgs of fat from her belly and lower back. This is because of the unhealthy eating she has been doing for the past few months. Risper opened up saying;

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“8 litres of fat was removed from my stomach and lower back through surgery called liposuction by @bodybydesignkenya ,at this point my life has completely changed no more eating unhealthy…”

Snatched back to waist 28

Well, it has only been a week and Risper Faith’s small waist is back to where it was before she conceived her son. The young mum revealed this through her gram where she shared a photo; parading her tinny waist which she says is size 28.

Through her Instagram page socialite wrote;

Brayo’s wife, Risper Faith before surgery

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Day 7 post surgery,just done with today’s massage and my waist is already at 28inches thanks to @bodybydesignkenya am aiming for waist 22…

As anyone can imagine, social media are reacting to her decision to change her shape. A lot of her fans simply commented on this fact, anticipating a slew of critiques about the socialites new figure.

Checkout the new Risper below.

Risper Faith shows new figure




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