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Risper Faith reveals the amount of money Brian paid for her bride price, we are talking about millions!

December 01, 2017 at 14:53
Risper Faith with her fiance

Nairobi Diaries actors and real life couples Risper Faith and Brian Muiruri are set to hold their wedding pretty soon.

Just a few weeks back the couple traveled to meet Risper’s parents and elders to seek her hand in marriage. The meeting was also aimed at paying for the bride price before the two officially become man and wife. Though the meeting was done in private Risper Faith has disclosed the amount of money her fiancé and his family coughed to get her.

Speaking to a popular news outlet, Risper apparently said;

Risper weds Brian

Risper weds Brian

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“I wasn’t there for the negotiations so I wouldn’t know but he (Brian) told me 2.5 Million Kshs.”

She went on to add that it has taken some great amount of work to get their relationship where it is right now. Risper went on to add that her relationship is not based on ‘goals’ but sacrifices.

“This love is not GOALS…this love is WORK. It takes time, moulding, shifting and growing up. It takes communication. This love requires standing together not falling apart…#love wins”

Is their love staged?

Well, many claim that Nairobi Diaries is staged but seems that the only real thing on the show is Risper Faith and Brian’s relationship.




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