Risper Faith’s fiancé exposed for his ‘fisi’ tactics by a lady he has been chasing (photos)

January 12, 2018 at 16:52
Risper Faith with her fiance

Isn’t Risper Faith and Brian planning a multi million wedding? As far as we know is that Brian had been spending quite an amount to give Risper the perfect life; but it seems that he is still not contented with having her as his life time partner.

After paying 2 million as the bride price and building a fancy home for his soon to be wife…Brian has been out here flirting his way into other ladies DMs.

His days were however numbered and has now been exposed by a lady who shared a screenshot of their whatsapp conversation.

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The lady, Evon Amolo reveals how the fella has been texting her and just like any husband you can see how scared he is to be caught by his wife.

Apart from asking the lady to send him a DM (to probably frame her) he goes on to ask for an @$$ shaking video she had put on her whatsapp status.

Mishi accuses Brian of flirting with her

This is however not the first time Brian is said to have been caught flirting. A few months ago popular  Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora accused him of flirting with her but as expected he denied leaving Mishi Dora looking like a liar.

Below is a photo of Brian and Evon together…will he deny this too?


  1. Men!men!….hawatosheki.

  2. Risper is even worse,one day her side will be exposed

  3. Both are like that,hakuna mzuri

  4. This world is just something else

  5. This is crazy..this is the point where one walks away

  6. It isn’t that much a surprise he has a certain type.

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