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Robert Burale: I forgave the driver who ran over my brother with an ambulance

October 03, 2019 at 09:10
Robert Burale: I forgave the driver who ran over my brother with an ambulance

City Pastor Robert Burale has made a rather sad confession of how he forgave the man behind his death.

Taking to social media, the pastor said his brother was hit by an ambulance driver who didn’t stop.

The pastor said that he was in a meeting when several calls came but he kept ignoring them until he saw one from his cousin.

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Whe he picked, he was told about his brother and was forced to cut the meeting short and rush to Nairobi Hospital where his brother was.

Later he got to meet the driver who explained why even after hitting his brother couldn’t stop.

Read the sad post below:

WHEN PAIN TEACHES AND PROCESSES YOU GOOD!! So my Bro sends me a selfie on 25th Sept at 11:44 a.m…I am taken a back as we dont usually do that, but then realised he was showing me he was dressed in RB Wear…Haya fast forward.⏩ While in a meeting,

I receive many calls and think to myself “I will call back” …but one call from my cousin Lucas Meso stood out and I answered, Lucas told me “Bob your brother has been hit by an ambulance and it didnt stop but he has been taken to hospital..Rush there now…”

So I get to Nairobi Hospital (thank you for your great care) and my Brother has been stabilized and prepped for a gruelling 5-6 hour surgery … Fast forward (next day) the driver that hit him gives himself up to the police and I receive a call from my mum (who had arrived from Bukhalalire on the material day) “Son, The driver who hit your bro is here at Kilimani Police Station, please come “…

All of a sudden ANGER gripped me and I drove to Kilimani with my cousins Jerome Odada, Dan Jets, Isaac Chibole and when I set my eyes on the gentleman I was PISSED and the first thing I told my mum was “get out of this place …. this is a man-to-man issue” ….

The first question I posed to him was “you mean you left my brother wounded and bleeding on the road…did you want him to die like a dog?” And of course I was not using a preachers tone or voice (zile za it is well)..this was Big Bro taking care of Small Bro…A lot went through my mind ….

Then the HOLY SPIRIT clearly said to me “CALM DOWN”….and I get to listen to the driver, compassion took over “I am sorry about your brother…I was rushing an 8 day old baby to hospital”

I immediately felt sorry for him and prayed with him and told him I am sorry..The man was clearly in a catch 22 situation….We then talked and fellowshiped together as we brain stormed on how to raise his bail ….(God has a sense of humour)….

The weight that was off our shoulders, after forgiving him (my bro did as well) was immense and crazy as it may sound.. my Bros healing Is WAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.. Let’s all remember that driver in prayer….Its not easy for him… I pray after reading this you will also reach out t





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