Romy Jones reveals why Wasafi records biggest weakness is women

November 14, 2017 at 16:48
Romy Jones reveals why Wasafi records biggest weakness is women

Diamond Platnumz brother aka Wasafi records official DJ recently opened up about the major issue slowing down his brother’s music company.

Speaking during a recent interview Romy Jones made it known that the big problem they are facing as a company is having too many women around them.

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The popular DJ went on to add the problem has also been affecting their families since their girlfriends/wives don’t seem to understand this. He said;

Wanawake wa Tanzania wanatupenda sana na social media pia hao ni shida to the office and our homes.

Diamonds Platnumz scandal with Hamisa

The problem about women was witnessed after Diamond Platnumz fathered Hamisa Mobetto’s son. This has left the singer faced with a lawsuit forcing him to give child support to the Video vixen.

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

Harmonize and ex girlfriend

After the Wasafi records singer broke up with his lady, he was then accused of cheating and being a womanizer!

Wolper and Harmonize


  1. Women are the worst for celebs who are thirsty

  2. They will finish them wait and see

  3. He is right

  4. They need to change before its too late

  5. Mohammed Hamid : November 14, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Diamond will go down..harmonize will follow,the others are a bit mature it seems

  6. ni sooooo sana w.c.b

  7. I love WCB but this is so disappointing, they should work b4 women…….
    Diamond should be diligent for sure

  8. they wll ol go down,, just wait and see

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