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Rosa Ree Collabos with Kasabuni Finest Timmy Tdat for “Asante Baba” remix

April 26, 2019 at 11:49
Rosa Ree Collabos with Kasabuni Finest Timmy Tdat for "Asante Baba" remix

Rosa Ree has dropped another BOMB! After releasing DipnWhineIt just a few weeks back, she has now come with Asante baba remix Featuring, Kasabuni Finest  Timmy Tdat.  The Tanzanian queen collabo with a Kenyan artist shows that Kenyan and Tanzanian artists can do better together. The jam was directed by Trey Juelz.

This remix is something that one needs to listen to. The voices in the song are magical and you all know how Timmy does it. I can’t get my eyes off this video. I feel that the duo should give us more collabos. The kind of love they are talking about here is out of this world. I like it when Timmy says “Sing for me mummy.” This guy is something else. The video is vulgar.

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The remix video is well done. Creativity at its best. The way the actions are brought out gives the song meaning and allows one to flow with the lyrics. Aso the audio is so clear, the beats will make you abandon what you are doing and dance to the tune.

Timmy Tdat has added taste to the song. Comparing the original single by Rosa Ree you will agree with me that the remix is on point. The energy of the duo combined makes the song more lively. The actual video does not rhyme with the words and also lip sinking was poorly done. Seems Rosa Ree needed Timmy. Looking at her youtube channel the remix has more views.


You know how Timmy does his introduction, that is exactly how he started in the remix of Asante Baba. ” Ettt-Kasabuni Tongwe Records Rosa Ree”. This will make you anticipate for the whole lyrics. “Anapenda vile napiga Anapenda vile na swagga Ni msafi anapenda vile nakata Me si prof na I don’t wanna data.”  This first stanza just is all about how the girl feels about the guy. Wanna what is the second stanza? Mmm! You can only do that by watching and listening to the song.

The goddess, Rosa Ree goes on and adds sauce to the song. “Ah sing fi mi daddy Put it in my face then you say my name daddy Ah, whine for me daddy Match in this race don’t run fast daddy” This girls lyrical prowess is great.  No rush in what the song is talking about.

Although the song is good, it can only be played on clubs. The song is targeting the youths and teens. I rate the song at 6/10.

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